Respecting Land & People

Creating Great Places To Live

At Lamont, we respect the land and people – it’s that simple. That’s our business philosophy, and it is reflected in everything we do. To achieve our goals, our experienced team is empowered to act with integrity, ingenuity and accountability.

Founded in 1991, with residential and commercial properties located in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, Lamont Land Inc., is a land developer with a well-earned reputation for doing things a little differently. We are an innovative team of spirited professionals with a unique approach to business and life. From the creation of our very first community to our most recent, Lamont believes in responsible land development, visionary leadership, market smart solutions and creating exceptional places for families to live, work and play.

We are real people who passionately believe in building great communities of enduring value that will enrich the lives of our residents

...Raising The Bar

At Lamont Land Inc. every decision, we make in developing a new community is carefully considered from the resident’s perspective. Because the decisions we make will affect the lives of many families, we take particular care to ensure that a community is developed to its best potential and it becomes a place that families are proud to call home.

We ask the questions. Would this be a good place for a park? How can this playground accommodate kids of all ages? How can we make this neighborhood more affordable?

Lamont creates master-planned communities responsibly. It’s easy to say, but hard to do. Master planning means examining the land – literally and figuratively – and determining the best way to develop it. Master planning means looking at the bigger picture – not how to get more lots in a community, but how to orient those lots so that as many as possible have a view, or sunlight all day long, or back onto a green space. At Lamont Land, we think about creating spaces that residents can enjoy in different ways.

We know that great communities are not developed on paper, so we aren’t afraid to walk the dirt and get our boots dirty. It’s worth it. This hands-on approach – and the inherent respect we have for land and people enables us to create special communities to live in today...and tomorrow.

The Stone Ridge Estates Team: